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Best Natro Bolic Laxogenin Vegan Supplement

Aka 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin

image best natro bolic laxogenin 5 alpha hydroxy plant based vegan 100mg capsules na supplements
best natro bolic laxogenin 5 alpha hydroxy plant based vegan 100mg capsules na supplements

NA Supplements™ • Top Natural Lean Muscle Builder for Protein Synthesis!

Sourced from the East Asian Smilax Sieboldii… Our Laxogenin  is a powerful way to naturally accelerate lean muscle growth. Breakdown fat. Whilst also lowering stress levels.

98% purity • Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly • No Fillers or Bulking Agents • 100mg • 60 Capsules


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Naturally Boosting Your Lean MUSCLE MASS

image of big bicep muscle tearing shirt with plant based background on laxogenin 100mg supplement product page

Firstly, Laxogenin is a powerful plant-derived steroid or ‘brassinosteroid’. Also known as 5a of 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin. As well as Natro Bolic Laxogenin. So this plant derived steroid comes from ‘Smilax Sieboldii’, an East Asian plant related to asparagus.

Laxogenin is arguably the most potent natural anabolic product on the market. While derived naturally from plant sapogenins… It is not only potent… But also, safe. Laxogenin can increase protein synthesis by even up to 200%. And slow protein breakdown. Whilst assisting in building more lean muscle aiding you to maximize your training.

Here’s a summary of its benefits:

  • Accelerates lean muscle mass growth.
  • Increases protein synthesis by 200%.
  • Breaks down fat cells.
  • Aids muscle recovery.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Lowers cortisol.
  • Dramatic strength increases in 3-5 days.
  • No side effects or liver toxicity.

Boosts Muscle Mass

Breaks Down Fat Cells

Protein Synthesis

Reduces Cortisol

graphic of strong muscular man on natro bolic 5 alpha hydroxy laxogeninproduct page na supplements

Studies suggest that 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin can increase the rate of protein synthesis… Thus, leading to improved muscle mass and strength.

Researchers ascribe the mechanism behind this effect to involve activation of the mTOR pathway. Which is a key regulator of protein synthesis in cells. So, by stimulating mTOR activity, 5a Hydroxy Laxogenin promotes the translation of genetic information into new proteins, aiding in muscle recovery and growth after exercise.

Additionally, further research suggests that 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin can increase the activity of lipolytic enzymes, promoting the release of stored fats for energy production. This mechanism may contribute to a reduction in body fat levels and improved body composition when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Looking for a Natural Way to Boost Lean Muscle Mass?

Muscle Growth and Strength Gains

One of the primary reasons individuals turn to 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin supplements is for its potential to promote muscle growth… And increase physical strength. This compound is thought to help stimulate protein synthesis… Which is essential for building and repairing muscle tissue.

image of muscle man with chalk for muscle growth & strength gains on laxogenin product page

So, by enhancing protein synthesis, users may experience faster muscle recovery after intense workouts. Therefore, leading to increased muscle mass over time. Additionally, some users report experiencing greater strength gains while taking 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin. Thus, allowing them to push harder during their training sessions.

Unlike synthetic steroids, 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin is considered a natural alternative with fewer reported side effects.

Natural Alternative to Anabolic Steroids

athletic boxer with gloves for improved recovery section of 5a hydroxy laxogenin product page

So, while anabolic steroids can have detrimental effects on hormone levels. Liver function. And cardiovascular health… 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin is believed to be gentler on the body. This makes it an attractive option for individuals looking to enhance their physique without exposing themselves to the risks associated with traditional steroids.

man in gym about to deadlift weights for natural alternative to steriods section of 5 alpha hydroxy laxogenin product page

In addition to promoting muscle growth and strength gains… 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin supplements are also thought to aid in recovery and performance enhancement.

Improved Recovery and performance enhancement

Users often report feeling less fatigued after intense workouts when supplementing with this compound. Therefore, allowing them to train more frequently. And at higher intensities. So, improved recovery can lead to better overall performance in the gym. Or during athletic activities, ultimately helping individuals reach their fitness goals faster. And more efficiently.

Product Overview

5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin

  • Effective Alternative to Prohormones:
    So, as you know… Laxogenin is a plant steroid that can enhance muscle mass. And muscle recovery by increasing protein synthesis. And reducing protein breakdown… Thus, making it a beneficial option for individuals looking to improve their physique without impacting hormone levels like prohormones.
  • Complements Protein Supplements:
    Additionally, laxogenin can work well alongside protein supplements. As it aids in improving performance and faster recovery, complementing the benefits of protein-based products such as BCAAs.
  • Fast-Acting Muscle Building:
    Also, laxogenin supplements are known to have a quick onset of action, making them ideal for those seeking rapid muscle and strength gains.
  • Stackable with Prohormones:
    Laxogenin also can be stacked with other supplements like testosterone boosters and estrogen blockers to enhance muscle building and recovery through different pathways, offering a more comprehensive approach than stacking similar types of supplements.
  • Useful for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT):
    Laxogenin supplements  can be beneficial after a prohormone cycle as they promote anabolism through pathways distinct from testosterone boosters. Thus, aiding in recovery and muscle maintenance post-cycle.

Vegetable Cellulose Capsule Shell, Laxogenin.

Suggested Usage

Take one capsule once or twice daily with food.

Take continuously for eight weeks. Then have a break from consumption for four weeks.

Do not take continuously for more than eight weeks.

International Standards

GMP Certified


Globally recognized Laxogenin certification and standards. For genuine produce. And reputable goods. See below.


Enhancing our customer satisfaction by more streamlined operational efficiency.


Consistent production of high-quality dietary supplements… Via our robust quality control processes… Mandated by GMP.

GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice Accreditation

We Source From





As China is one of the prominent areas of East Asia that cultivates Laxogenin!

Expectations With

5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin

Correct Dosage
  • 1 or 2 Capsules with food.
  • Once or twice daily for 8 weeks. Then leave for 4 weeks.
  • Do not take continuously for more than 8 weeks.
Impact Time

Dramatic strength increases in 3-5 days.

Expected Results
  • Lean muscle mass growth.
  • Protein synthesis by up to 200%.
  • Fat cells breakdown.
  • Muscle recovery rate.
  • Lowering cortisol.
  • No known side effects or liver toxicity.
Nutritional Intake

Supplement Facts

nutritional information of 5a hydroxy natro bolic laxogenin 100mg vegan plant based capsules by na supplements

Caution: Firstly, do not exceed the recommended dose. Secondly, do not use if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Or plan to get pregnant. Not for the use of individuals under the age of 18. Also, consult your doctor or physician prior to use if you have any medical conditions. Or if you are taking any medications. Discontinue immediately if you experience rapid heartbeat. Dizziness. Vomiting. Or other similar symptoms. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


What is Laxogenin?

Native to Asia, Laxogenin is found in a plant relative to asparagus. It belongs to the brassinosteroid types of anabolic saponins. Laxogenin is a highly anabolic substance and perfect for both bulking as well as used when cutting to prevent muscle breakdown. To increase its potency, we created a green bioconversion method to get a highly purified PURE LAXOGENIN 100% from natural plant materials. We also developed a new microcapsule 5α-Hydroxy Laxogenin, with very good bioavailability.

Why buy from us?

We are a UK-based company. We source our product directly from China where this product is grown, manufactured and lab tested. We test all our batches for purity via HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography). All our batches are above 95%. You can rest assured you will get the purest 5a hydroxy Laxogenin from us for maximum results.

Still need more answers?

We’re on hand to answer any enquiry about our products or terms of service. Just drop us a line at And we’ll get back to you soon.

5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin

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