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Addicted to your pre-workout coffee but loathe that caffeine crash and the jitters? Theacrine is a remarkable, plant-derived supplement that has all coffee’s benefits (and more!) that can really support both your time in the gym and day-to-day wellbeing.

A natural nervous system stimulant, theacrine is a powerhouse of mental and physical health benefits. From improving your motivation and focus to reducing pain and inflammation, discover these extraordinary health benefits of theacrine.

What is theacrine?
A purine alkaloid found in leaf of a wild tea plant species Camellia kucha Hung T. Chang, theacrine really is a wonder-supplement. It’s been consumed for centuries within Camelia tea, but today, theacrine is isolated and consumed in a powder format.

Whilst it has a similar chemical structure to caffeine, theacrine doesn’t give you the jitters, make you crash, inhibit your sleep or have any effect on the blood pressure. Theacrine works by binding to adenosine receptors (ADORA1, ADORA2A), and activating dopamine D1 and D2 receptors (DRD1, DRD2).

1 Theacrine reduces pain and inflammation
Theacrine possesses super analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. These are vital when you want your muscles to recover or to get over an injury. In fact, one study on mice showed that theacrine has a potency on a par with the anti-inflammatory drug, indomethacin.
Results of another experiment showed that oral consumption of 8-32mg theacrine per kg induced dose related anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects by reducing and inhibiting swelling responses.

2 Theacrine energises workouts
Theacrine elevates your energy levels resulting in more effective workouts and decreased fatigue in general. A far healthier and more natural alternative to pre-exercise sugary energy drinks or coffee, theacrine has been shown to increase energy, motivation and a willingness to workout.

3 Theacrine improves mental clarity and focus
Whether you want to up your game in the gym or support your concentration during work, theacrine can boost your brain. One placebo-controlled experiment involving 20 healthy people revealed an increase of feelings of alertness, attentiveness and focus when taking a supplement of theacrine and caffeine, compared to just caffeine alone.

4 Theacrine reduces depression and anxiety
Early studies reveal theacrine has promising effects on regulating mood. Studies on rats, mice and humans have shown a tangible effect on adenosine, dopamine, and neurotransmissions. Therefore, theacrine is able to lower levels of anxiety, stress and depression.

Unlike caffeine which can increase anxiety and feeling on edge, theacrine has the opposite effect and reduces those feelings whilst still giving the same energising benefits. Great, right?!

5 Theacrine is a powerful antioxidant
When it comes to destroying harmful free radicals and supporting optimal wellbeing, antioxidants are the rockstar scavengers. They prevent cell damage and reduce oxidative stress, to fight off illnesses like cancer, heart disease and Parkinson’s. Theacrine is loaded with antioxidants so by supplementing with it you’re keeping your body in tip-top condition. In a study on stressed-out mice, theacrine increased the production of the antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase.

Try our premium quality, 99% pure Theacrine powder to energize your workouts whilst improving your focus and mental clarity.

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