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The ancient medicinal herb tongkat ali has been used for centuries in Southeast Asian medicine. Native to Malaysia, tongkat ali (or, eurycoma longifolia) is a powerhouse of health-giving properties. What the ancients have long-known, however, science now confirms, too. From increasing testosterone to reducing stress, here we reveal the incredible health benefits of tongkat ali and why taking it will seriously raise your bodybuilding game.

What is tongkat ali?

Translating to ‘Ali’s walking stick’, Tongkat ali comes from the roots of the green shrub eurycoma longifolia. Growing in Southeast Asian jungles, this small evergreen tree contains compounds like flavonoids and alkaloids that act as antioxidants.

Perhaps tongkat ali’s most potent compound is eurycomanone. This increases the amount of free testosterone available in the bloodstream by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen, resulting in an increase of testosterone over a period of time.

1 Tongkat ali increases testosterone

Any man with low testosterone can testify how it negatively impacts their lives; low sex drive, fatigue, a loss of muscular strength and an overall decreased sense of wellbeing. Tongkat ali can help, though.

One 2012 study of older men with depleted testosterone levels revealed that taking 200mg of tongkat ali extract per day dramatically increased levels of this hormone to normal values in over 90% of the men.

2 Tongkat ali boosts libido

From erectile dysfunction to male infertility, all manner of male sexual health disorders can be significantly improved by taking tongkat ali. Numerous studies have shown remarkable results when participants took the herb to naturally boost their libido and sex drive.

3 Tongkat ali builds lean muscle mass

When it comes to ergogenic properties, tongkat ali is a winner. Compounds called quassinoids help the body utilise energy more effectively and efficiently. Given that tongkat ali turbocharges peak performance, it’s no surprise that one study of men in a strength training program revealed that those taking 100mg of tongkat ali a day experienced exceptional increases in lean muscle mass compared to those that didn’t.

4 Tongkat ali reduces stress

Like the famed Indian herb ashwagandha, tongkat ali is an adaptogen. This means if your body has elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, it will naturally bring the levels into equilibrium.

A clinical study examined how tongkat ali reduces stress in both men and women. The results were compelling. Cortisol levels were down by 16% while testosterone was up by 37%. Furthermore, tension was down 11%, anger 12%, and confusion 15%.

5 Tongkat ali increases energy levels

Lack motivation? Sick of feeling sluggish? Tired of feeling, well, tired? Tongkat ali is a great remedy for elevating your energy.

In 2018, a 12-week study of healthy adults reported an 11.3% improvement in their vitality (energy/fatigue ratio). Whether you just want to feel like you’re functioning properly or increase your stamina, this is one natural anabolic supplement to take.

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