Five Health Benefits Of Tongkat Ali That Are Backed By Science

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The ancient medicinal herb tongkat ali has been used for centuries in Southeast Asian medicine. Native to Malaysia, tongkat ali (or, eurycoma longifolia) is a powerhouse of health-giving properties. What the ancients have long-known, however, science now confirms, too. From increasing testosterone to reducing stress, here we reveal the incredible health benefits of tongkat ali […]

Five Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Theacrine


Addicted to your pre-workout coffee but loathe that caffeine crash and the jitters? Theacrine is a remarkable, plant-derived supplement that has all coffee’s benefits (and more!) that can really support both your time in the gym and day-to-day wellbeing. A natural nervous system stimulant, theacrine is a powerhouse of mental and physical health benefits. From […]

Five Health Benefits of Laxogenin

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If you’re wanting to make great gains but don’t want the unwanted side effects of steroids, laxogenin could be for you. A natural, plant-sourced ‘brassinosteroid’, scientists have established laxogenin significantly increases muscle protein synthesis, whilst substantially reduce protein breakdown. But that’s not all this amazing supplement can do. From lowering cortisol to reducing fatigue, here […]